WIP Strawberry Kisses (18+ content in this post)

(This is from a WIP (work in progress) and is unedited at this point. This is simply a 3k excerpt for you)
Jason walked over to
the opposite side of the pool table from Riley. He smirked in his cocky
confident way before get climbed onto the pool table and went to stand above
her. He raised a brow looking down at her as his thumbs hooked into his
pockets. His stance was suggestive as his shoulders were back and his hips
pushed forward slightly. “What gives? I heard there was a party going on in
here.” He gave a slight smug laugh.
Riley’s eyes traveled
up from Jason’s feet to his head and she returned his raised brow with her own,
before mimicking his smirk. “You’re too late. The party already ended.” She
looked back to the table he stood on and then back up at him. “And you’re in
the line of my shot.”
looked down at his feet and around the table at the scattered balls below him.
“Oh, huh… I suppose I am.” He looked back down into her eyes the same cocky
smirk on his lips. “Well,” he begins as he walks over to the edge of the table
in front of her. Once he was right above her he skillfully drops himself down so
he’s sitting on the edge of the table with his knees on either side of her
hips. “I suppose this clears up the problem… even if it doesn’t exactly solve
it.” His smug half laugh again follows.
aren’t you a sly one.” She laughs and moves up to the table her his now pressed
more between his thighs. “But at least you’re out of my shot line.” She smirked
and glanced over at him. He thought he could even see a bit of mischief in her
eyes before she turned looking over his shoulder at the table. Making a shot
with only one hand she is able to sink one ball on the shot.
that the balls are no longer behind him, he lays straight back onto the table.
His heels hook behind and slide up her thighs to dig into her rear lightly and
pull their hips even closer together. He looks over the table again, and then
smirks even more. “You only got the one in… that could have been a double.
However, that was still a great shot, considering how distracted I’m sure you
were.” He looked up at her again and flashed a huge playful grin.
laughed and rolled her eyes at his comment but a smirk formed on her lips none
the less. “Oh yes, I mean not to make your ego any bigger than it clearly
already is but you do have a special charm that can divert the attention the
attention of say, me.”
now?” He almost purred as he sat straight up, bringing their bodies to within
an inch of each other. His arms draped around her shoulders as he asked coyly,
“And exactly how charmed would you say you are?” His hands fluttered about her
back for a moment before slithering down it swiftly. His heels slide back down
her thighs only to be replaced by his fingers, which gave her nice bottom a
firm squeeze.
smiled at him and leaned forward until her lips were next to his ear. Her voice
came out in a slow seductive whisper. “Charmed enough not to hit you for
grabbing my ass.” He felt her lips kiss his cheek and then she was again
standing back up with her hands on the cue stick. She seemed to lightly lean on
the stick. The way she was standing gave him a sense of her confidence even a
slight feel of commanding. And that makes him shiver with delight. His hands
slither right back up her spine and into her hair so that he can pull her down
close to him again. His own lips now find her ear and he whispers hotly in
return. “Good thing, too… a punch would probably not have left me in the mood
to do this.” He then kissed down her neck to her shoulder where he bit her skin
very lightly.
found her body’s reaction to him intoxicating. Her swift breath in, then the
slow, moaning exhale thrills him and sets his nerves tingling with a raw
passion. She moved the cue to lean next to the table and her hands were then
free to rest upon his chest. She smirked and pushed him back onto the table
before crawling up on the table above him. “Now who gave you permission to be
so bold?” Her eyes burned into his with the same confidence he felt radiate off
her stance just moments ago.  As she
climbed atop him a tiny moan floated from his lips and he felt a definite
stirring between his thighs. His lips curled into a devious grin as he looked
up at her. “My Apologies, Riley… I didn’t know I needed such permission.”
smirked as his words came out but she didn’t answer him yet. Her hands that rested
on his chest slowly slid up to his shoulders and out over his arms until her
fingers were laced with his and she had his hands pinned by his head against
the table. She leaned down till her lips were again by his ear. Her breath was
hot against his neck and he could hear the husky heavy tone of lust on her
voice. “Well now you know…” she told him before nipping his ear and kissing
along his jaw line till she came to gaze back down into his eyes.
almost couldn’t believe it. This gorgeous woman who he’d barely had any time to
get to know was forcibly pinning him down and telling him he needed to ask to
merely touch her, much less do anything intimate. And oh her voice! That husky
tone of desire he could hear on her voice caused him to shiver more and made
things definitely start to come alive below his belt. He was already panting
slightly as he asked while returning her gaze. “Then… do I have permission to
move us up to my room?”
mischievous look in her eyes and the sly smirk on her lips gave him the idea
that she was getting pleasure with the reaction she was getting from him. “You
may. We will lie on the bed, centered, in the same position we are now.”
such a demanding tone and phrasing! He hung on every syllable, then he purred
in reply. “Yes, of course. As you command.” He easily pushes her off and
carries her up to the bedroom before laying down on the bed putting her back on
his lap for her to get situated. He is lying, centered, with his legs dangling
off the end of the bed. He casually kicked off his boots and smirked up at her.
He murmured in quiet lust, “Here we are, as requested… and now I am at your
sat up releasing her hands from his for now. “Very good I should reward you… So
I give you permission to remove one piece of my clothing or you can kiss me.”
She smirked as if she was having fun with this little dominate game she is
playing. He wants to see her. He craved to be able to gaze upon her naked body,
to study and memorize every inch of her skin… to know her completely. But he
felt as though he must restrain himself. That was part of this game, after all
he thought, his restraint. Staring deeply into her eyes, his own brimming with
unbridled need and longing, he simply purrs, “Thank you.” Before leaning up to
press his lips to hers. She may have permitted the kiss, but she did not say
how he was allowed to kiss her, so he simply held his lips against hers, tight
and warm, his eyes closed and a little moan welled up in his throat. He felt
her lips pressed back against his and then her hand rested on the side of his
neck for a short moment before returning to his chest.
want, her will, her mere presence pushed her thoughts and emotions into the
air. He could feel how badly she wanted him and that caused him to moan even
more into the kiss. In his passion, he sucked at her lip as she went to pull
away from him, not thinking about the possible consequences of doing more than
permitted. Even with her body not pressed to his, though, he can almost feel
her heartbeat, knowing how excited she is getting… and then he sees her smirk
again. He bites his lip at the fiercely desirous look in her eyes, then he ask
breathily, “Permission to know what you’re thinking?”
seems to ponder on the thought and then she nods. “Permission granted. And I’m
thinking you don’t look very comfortable at the moment. So take your shirt off.
Maybe then you’ll look a bit more at ease.” She removed her hands from his
chest so he could lift his shirt off. He brought his hands to the second button
of his shirt, the top button having never been buttoned up. He looks up at her
and smirks “as you command.” Before beginning to unbutton his shirt the rest of
the way swiftly. When the last button is released, he casually flicks his shirt
open, then lays his arms over his head to fully expose his very leanly muscled
torso, which hardly has a shred of body fat on it.
starts to say something but is obviously thrown off her game as her eyes fall
on his torso. She closes her mouth as the words escape her. Her eyes look over
his exposed upper half. She blinked a few times before her eyes traveled up his
body and onto his eyes. Her eyes again return to his torso, her fingers come up
and trace his muscles. A smile starts to form but is quickly replaced with a
smirk. “Very good. So again you shall be awarded with either a kiss or a piece
of clothing.”
had been very subtly eyeing her cleavage ever since they met up earlier. Now he
was ready to get the full picture. He gazed up into her eyes as he replied, “At
your command.” Then brings his hands down from where they rested over his head
to undo her bottom button. From there, his skilled fingers work to unfasten
each button as his fingers moved up her torso. His fingertips occasionally
brushed over the skin of her more and more exposed belly. Eventually, only one
button remained from letting him be exposed to her fully. With a little pant,
he licks his lips and flicks the button open, then bites his lip in
anticipation. He gingerly tugs the shirt from her shoulders and down her arms.
Once the shirt reaches her wrist he watches her toss the shirt across the room
to a dresser. Her body was very nicely toned and showing the outline of muscles
giving Jason the impression she was no stranger to the gym. Her skin was a soft
sandy color, the light tan more noticeable now with more skin exposed. However,
there were no tan lines making Jason’s mind go to the ideas of her sunbathing.
He watches as she shakes her head slightly bringing her long red locks to fall
in waves down her back. His eyes continue to roam over every bit of her upper
body, drinking her all in, occasionally flicking up to her face with a small
but very appreciative smile on his lips. Suddenly he feels her take his hands
in hers and place them on her breast, that first touch sends a shiver through
him. As his fingers close about her gorgeous breast, his palms squeezing the
flesh around her nipples lightly, he can feel her racing heart and it drives
him mad. His mind howling with ecstasy in the moment. When he found his voice,
it was barely more than a lust-ragged whisper as he breathed out, “Permission…
to suck… please.”
moan rolled in her chest as he touched her breast. “Permission denied,” she
told him before moving so she was again over him. She leaned down but he was
still able to keep his hands on her breast. “I have other plans for your
mouth,” she told him before pressing her lips against his.
how he wanted her! He wanted so badly to literally tear the rest of the clothes
off her body and then fuck her until her body couldn’t take it anymore and she
lost consciousness. But he didn’t. All he could do was lay there and feel the
front of his pants suddenly fill up as she told him that he couldn’t have what
he asked for. The moment her lips connected with his it hardly mattered anymore
that she told him no. She was all but lying on top of him and kissing him
again. His tongue wriggled about behind his own lips as he reminded himself
that he didn’t have permission to do anything more than keep his lips firmly
pressed to hers, his fingers endlessly massaging her breast.
eventually parted her lips and the kiss deepened as her tongue was drawing his
into her mouth. He moaned deeply as his tongue crossed past his lips and into
her own mouth. He kissed her with every ounce of passion he could muster, his
pink, wet organ thrashing about and searching her whole mouth wildly. With
their mouths joined so intimately, he could feel her desire growing by the
second, what she wanted from him, how close their desires ran together.
finally broke the kiss after some time and brought her lips to his ear. “Jason,
tell me how badly you want me right now.” She whispered and then went to
kissing down his neck and along his collarbone. She kissed his shoulders some
and even a bit of his upper chest her hand had already went to begin to undo
his pants.
her mouth and hands searched his body, he sputtered out a reply through rolling
waves of pleasure. “Riley, I… I want you… so badly… so hot… I want to fill you
so deep… and hard… for so long… that you literally can’t walk or hardly even
had gotten his pants undone and her hand had even brushed against his member as
she moved it over his open fly bringing a loud groan from his lips. “That
sounds like a challenge. Of which…” she now lay on top of him her breast
pressed against his chest, her hands beside him with her fingers under him on
his back. “I give you permission to accomplish just that.” She didn’t give him
time to reply before her lips reconnected with his in hot passion.
knew he could have her now. When her lips found his once more, he didn’t bother
with any subtlety, simply sucking her tongue right into his mouth and kissing
her fiercely. He was absolutely done waiting. His hands clamped onto her thighs
and almost ripped her pants off her body removing them quickly. He hooked a
pair of fingers into a leg hole of her sexy little boy short panties and pulled
them aside. He thrust his hips upward and then he was inside her. Completely. A
massive groan rolled up out of him, and into her mouth as their kiss was still
heated and intimate.
moan was returned by her own. She broke the kiss and leaned back looking down
at him with a smirk before moving her hips causing her to go up and down his
member. She would occasionally let a moan escape her lips as she continued to
work herself over him. He watched her pleasure show on her face as she bit her
lower lip and closed her eyes letting her head drop back some.
left hand still clamped to her ass, his right now fell down to join it. Even
more, his fingers slipped in between her pert cheeks and the tip of his middle
finger dipped into her tight little pucker. His hips began to lift swiftly to
meet hers, to drive his pulsing muscle in harder, deeper, the tip pounding into
her cervix more often than not.
thrusting caused her to moan again though she didn’t seem to have a reaction to
his hands on her ass. “Jason…” she moaned between heavy panting breaths. “I
want you to pin me… pin me to… to the wall.” She bit her lip again moaning once
more before she could continue. “And fuck me hard and deep until my… OOOOO”
was already moving before she finished. That loud Ooo of hers was from him
pushing her back against the wall and his thick cock slamming into her harder
and deeper than before. Athletic as she was, he had her legs high on his hips
so that he could plow her as fiercely as he possibly could. His lips were
beside her ear as his grunts and pants of animalistic ecstasy filled her ears
as he thrust into her again and again.
dragged her nails down the wall leaving claw marks in the soft green paint. Suddenly
a loud crash of thunder outside announced the presence of a storm brewing
outside that was just as wild as the passion they were having in his bedroom. His
body was shaking with the passion and pleasure she gave him. The thunder again
crashed covering up the screaming of his name from her lips. Jason smiled as he
still held her around his waist pressed to the wall. Her nails left the wall
and began to claw down his back as she pulled him to her more. He continued to
pound her until she screamed and he knew in a cocky satisfaction that he had
pleased her completely. 


XXX Excerpt from My Dark Prince




The room was dark but she could feel his presence around
her. The sound of his breath made her heart race as her eyes danced around the
darkness trying to find any sign of his outline. His warm breath soon came on
her neck and she knew he was on the bed with her. She bit her lower lip and
turned her face towards the feeling of his breath on her skin. He brought a
hand up to rest on her cheek and wasted no time before pressing his lips
heatedly against hers. Her eyes fall shut as the passion radiated in that kiss.
She wanted to be nowhere else in the world but his arms at this moment. As if
reading her mind his free hand slipped around her waist and slowly he laid the
two of them back against the bed. She felt her body melt under his touch as her
hands slow ran up his chest and down his back. He was still wearing the silk
black button up from earlier. She enjoyed the soft feeling the material had
under her fingertips. He broke the kiss and gazed down at her as the moonlight
filter into the room. She could see the emotion in his eyes which was a
reflection of her own emotions that gazed back at him. They didn’t need to
speak as the feeling on the air was enough to tell her that yes he did love

He brought his lips to her neck as he kissed his way down
towards her collar bone. She felt her head fall back some and the soft happy
noise in her chest escaped her lips. His hands slid up her arms and slowly
pulled the strings for the nightgown down exposing her shoulders as he
continued his trail of kisses. Her body tingled each time his lips pressed to
her skin. She smiled and softly ran her fingers through his hair before helping
him remove the straps fully off her arms and removing the night gown. The silk
fabric fell to the floor at the edge of the bed. His hands explored her exposed
body. She took this moment to unbutton his shirt and have it fall to join the
nightgown on the floor. Her fingers ran over the muscles and lines on his
chest. Her heart was beating loud in her chest she could hear it in her ears by
now. The sight of him in the moonlight gazing at her with that look in his eyes
was going to be burned in her memory forever. She never wanted to forget tonight.
He brought his lips back to hers for a long passionate kiss before his lips
again traveled her jaw line and down her neck before moving down her chest. His
soft lips on the tender skin of her breast brought more soft noises into her
chest as her eyes closed.

He wrapped his lips around her left nipple sucking on it
lightly as he massaged her right one. Her lips parted to let the gentle
pleasure sound of her moan escape. Her chest was starting to heave up and down
as her breath was quickening with each move he made. Her right hand had found
its way tangled into his hair while her left hand ran directionless over his
back. He smiled at how much he was able to bring her this pleasure. He kissed
across her chest to her right nipple and wrapped his lips on it switching to
massage her left breast. She moved her finger down to his pants finding a way
to unbutton them and get them unzipped. The lose feeling of the jeans from his
waist made him smile but he continued to take things slow. He wanted tonight to
be special for them both. She was something more to him than just a fling for
the night and he needed her to know that.

As he brought his lips from her breast he moved back up to
look in her eyes and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. She smiled
simply gazing back into his eyes. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she was
but speaking in a moment like this seemed to not be needed. He pressed his lips
to hers again as his eyes slid shut and his hands wrapped around her waist. As
she felt his lips on hers she slipped her hands around behind his neck. After
some time she felt his hand slide down her right side and push the fabric of
her panties down her thighs. The lack of cloth on her body sent electric
through her nerves. This was going to happen.

Once her panties had joined the pile of fabrics on the floor
he kissed up her legs and inner thighs looking up at her. The glow of
vulnerability on her face brought a smile to his face as his lips brought him
closer to his destination. She was dripping wet waiting on him. He looked up at
her one last time before his tongue found its way inside of her. She gasped and
gripped the sheets on the bed in tight fist as the pleasure flooded over her
body. His tongue continued to explore and tease her.  She arched her back slightly as her head fell
backwards letting the moan in her chest roll up and out of her parted lips. His
hands laid on her hips as his mouth continued to make love to her. The sound
and reaction of her body to his advances made him want to please her more.

She could feel herself building in the pleasure. She was
getting closer and closer to that sweet ecstasy pleasure. She finally got the
strength to push him from between her thighs and she smiled pulling him up to
her. She could feel the bulge in his boxers pressing against her which only
made her smile more. She rolled them so he was on his back now and she was
straddling his waist. She kissed along his jaw line and down his neck before
following his collar bone to his chest. As she kissed down his chest and
stomach her nails lightly grazed over his skin as they traveled down his sides.
Once she got to his waist she stopped only to remove his jeans and boxers
letting the last pieces of clothing join the pile in the floor. He was rock
hard and she felt herself gasp some at how big he was and how much just seeing
him made her wet all over again. She leaned down and ran her tongue from the
base of his cock to the tip. His body shivered and a deep moan came from his
chest. She smiled before her lips found their way around him and began to move
pushing him in her mouth and then slowly pulling away again. Her tongue ran his
length with each movement wrapping around him on occasion. She could feel him
twitch in her mouth and the moans he was letting escape his lips let her know
she was doing it right. Her hands rested on his inner thighs, she moved her right
hand fingers encircled the base of him her palm massaging his sack as she

The pleasure she was giving him was sending him so close to
the edge but he didn’t want to release in her mouth. He desired to be in her.
His left hand found its way to tangle itself in her hair as his right hand was
gripping the side of the bed trying to keep himself in control. Before he
couldn’t take it anymore he pulled her off him and moved over her again. He
kissed her deeply as found his way between her legs and pushed himself inside
her slowly. The pleasure noise in her chest was muffled by their lips being
pressed so tightly together.  Her muscles
tighten around his as he continued to pace himself pushing himself deep inside
her and then slowly pulling it out. Her hands ran down his back as their bodies
connected in the magic of the moonlight. As he continued to push in and out of
her he began to become rougher his teeth clinched as his breath is forced
through. She moans loudly as her back arches pressing her breast against his
her hands holding fist of bed sheets as her head is dropped back and eyes
tightly closed. Their bodies work as one delivering the same intense pleasure
to each of them. Eventually it is more then she can take as she screams and
clings to him her body releasing giving her that sweet bliss moment before her
body is heavy and tired. He feels her give herself to him and shortly responds
by pushing as deep as he can inside her before releasing himself. With the last
few seconds of strength he rolls off her and collapses next to her panting
heavily. She smiles and sinks into the mattress of the bed. Her eyes are closed
but she can feel him there, her hand finds his and squeezes lightly before she
musters up the strength to roll over on her side and curl up to his side. His
arm finds its way around her waist and holds her close.

Excerpt from my upcoming story ‘A Medal for Love’

Maria looked at the man before her. “I don’t…” She stared
and sighed looking towards the floor. Nash lifted her chin and made her eyes
connect with his again.

“Why won’t you let yourself be happy?” He asked her moving a
step closer and began to run his fingers gingerly across her cheek. “Don’t you
think you deserve happiness?”

Maria felt his body so close and yet still slightly far
away. “I can’t let go of him. I can’t betray Travis like that.” She tried to
come up with excuses though she knew as they came from her lips they were not
strong enough excuses to keep holding onto.

Nash shook his head. “Travis would want you to be happy
Maria. He would want to see that smile he spoke of so much. It has been three
years. You deserve to smile again.”

Maria knew he was right. She had spent the last three years
holding on to the thought of being with someone as betrayal. But she knew
Travis would have wanted her to smile to be happy and to be strong and live on.
She had the strong part now she needed the happy part. She looked into Nash’s
eyes and decided she did deserve the happiness he spoke of. Slowly she closed
the gap between them as her lips connected with his.

Nash felt the kiss radiate from his lips into his body as
his hand that had been on her cheek now moved to behind her neck and his other
hand rested on her lower back. The passion behind the kiss told him what he had
come to ask her that day. She had fallen in love with him and he could feel it
as they stumbled back onto the bed.

Maria felt a weight lift off her shoulders as her back felt
the mattress of the bed sink under them. Her heart was pounding and her mind
was just trying to keep up with the thoughts of what was going on. She felt
Nash’s hands begin to slowly move up her legs under her skirt. The nerves on
her body were in over drive as her own hands decided to begin the process of
unbuttoning his uniform.
Nash lost himself in the feeling of her silk skin under his
fingertips. He had longed to touch her for so long that he wanted to cherish
the moment and have it last forever. He felt the cloth of her panties and could
feel them already moist wanting him, begging for him, this made his body tense
up more as he fought to keep control. He wanted to make this first time for
them be special.

Excerpt from my upcoming Romance Novel ‘My Dark Prince’

Samuel rests his right hand on the
door and stares at it for a long moment before he summons up energy into his
hand, a red glow lining his skin. As he mutters a couple of words the lock on
the basement door clicks open. He eases the door open enough to slide past it
and inside the basement without another sound. The basement is mostly dark
except for a light into a second room. As he walks inside he notices it was, at
one time, an old gym.
Angelica is in the far corner with
a punching bag. She is wearing a black sports bra and a pair of white shorts
with matching white and black sneakers. Her hands are not in gloves but simply
wrapped in tape. There are a few cuts from unknown sources and her knuckles are
bleeding slightly from hitting the bag the wrong angle too many times. She
messed up her left shoulder somehow, so her right swing is much harder than her
left. She winces every time her left hand connects with the bag. After a moment
she does a full 360 spin kick and the weak old bag bust, spilling the sand in a
pile on the floor below it. She screams as the bag burst and punches a dent
into the drywall nearby before falling to her knees crying and resting her
forehead on the wall her eyes closed unaware anyone is around her.
Samuel stands in the shadows
watching her for a time, not wanting to startle her or cause her more harm by
losing her concentration. He watched the bag bust and the sand spill into the
pile of sand and dust on the floor. His eyes soften as he watches her through
her scream and collapse into tears. Quietly he approaches her his voice calm
and barely raising above a whisper as he speaks. “Angelica… What’s going on?
Why are you down here? What’s wrong?”
Angelica jumped at the sound of
someone and spins around in her seated position pressing her back against the
wall and then relaxes some seeing that it is only Samuel and sighs softly
shaking her head as her eyes drop to the ground. “I…He…it’s just…” She sighs
again letting her eyes close and her head fall backwards resting against the
wall. “I’m scared. I’m tired of running from him. I’m tired of having to have
other people save me.” She opened her eyes and looked sadly at Samuel. “I also
came down here because I can’t fall asleep down here, it’s too scary. The last
time I went to sleep he was there, in my dream.”

The Beach and twitter

It’s FRIDAY!!!! FINALLY! This has been one really long and not so pleasant week. But all that is behind us as we have officially hit THE WEEKEND!!! And with the beautiful weather and warmth I am so looking forward to hitting the beach. I could use the extra sea salt sunshine body makeover.

On another note I am so tired of facebook. I am ignored but I am thinking that is facebook not really my friends. I refuse to give facebook money and thus they hide me away from my friends. So forget facebook. Guess where you can find me…. come on guess… did you say twitter? Your right!!! Yup most my activity is from this point forward going to come from my twitter feed and I’m going to try really hard to get into a habit of this whole blog thing. But frankly don’t hold me to TOO much of a high standard cause I’ll probably fail you. But I love you anyway…

Ok so you should totally join me on twitter. 

I have an addiction…

First off yes, Chocolate and Cherries are one of my addictions but that isn’t what this post is going to be about. I noticed in my writing that I have a slightly other addiction. Like many women of the world….I love shoes. But not all types of shoes. I have a thing for boots. And all my female characters in my stories have a thing for them too… I think they are the best shoe for all occasions. Except running. Running in boots hurts after a few minutes. I suggest running shoes…or going barefoot.

Seriously thinking I should reward myself with some chocolate bars, a bag of cherries, and a new pair of boots just for admitting I have an addiction.

What are some of your addictions you will admit to?