All about the stories

Strawberry Kisses

Jason has always had things in his life go his way, his terms, and his idea. But when he meets the spicy red head Rachel he is thrown into a new way of life. She doesn’t do things his way but he does them hers. She has forever taken over his thoughts, but is she in it for the love he has for her or is she just waiting to find the next fun ride?


My dark Prince

Samuel and Angelica meet after a crazy event tosses them in the same house one night. Both are not interested in settling down but the chemistry from the start is more then they expected. With their meeting having full speed ahead events tossing them around their love blooms pretty fast. But he is the irrisitable vampire and she is the dark human vixen. Follow along as their relationship heats up falls apart and comes together full circle.


A Medal For Love

Maria had it all. Just married to her soldier months before he goes off to a simple over seas watch. Only things never are simple over seas. Having her husband pronounced dead after an attack leaves her heart broken and alone. But Nash one of the other soldiers from his platoon and his best friend growing up has come to help Maria deal with his death and with things around the new house. But after 3 years can they deny the chemistry they have between them any longer? And is it betrayal to sleep with your dead best friends wife?