Excerpt from my upcoming story ‘A Medal for Love’

Maria looked at the man before her. “I don’t…” She stared
and sighed looking towards the floor. Nash lifted her chin and made her eyes
connect with his again.

“Why won’t you let yourself be happy?” He asked her moving a
step closer and began to run his fingers gingerly across her cheek. “Don’t you
think you deserve happiness?”

Maria felt his body so close and yet still slightly far
away. “I can’t let go of him. I can’t betray Travis like that.” She tried to
come up with excuses though she knew as they came from her lips they were not
strong enough excuses to keep holding onto.

Nash shook his head. “Travis would want you to be happy
Maria. He would want to see that smile he spoke of so much. It has been three
years. You deserve to smile again.”

Maria knew he was right. She had spent the last three years
holding on to the thought of being with someone as betrayal. But she knew
Travis would have wanted her to smile to be happy and to be strong and live on.
She had the strong part now she needed the happy part. She looked into Nash’s
eyes and decided she did deserve the happiness he spoke of. Slowly she closed
the gap between them as her lips connected with his.

Nash felt the kiss radiate from his lips into his body as
his hand that had been on her cheek now moved to behind her neck and his other
hand rested on her lower back. The passion behind the kiss told him what he had
come to ask her that day. She had fallen in love with him and he could feel it
as they stumbled back onto the bed.

Maria felt a weight lift off her shoulders as her back felt
the mattress of the bed sink under them. Her heart was pounding and her mind
was just trying to keep up with the thoughts of what was going on. She felt
Nash’s hands begin to slowly move up her legs under her skirt. The nerves on
her body were in over drive as her own hands decided to begin the process of
unbuttoning his uniform.
Nash lost himself in the feeling of her silk skin under his
fingertips. He had longed to touch her for so long that he wanted to cherish
the moment and have it last forever. He felt the cloth of her panties and could
feel them already moist wanting him, begging for him, this made his body tense
up more as he fought to keep control. He wanted to make this first time for
them be special.

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