Excerpt from my upcoming Romance Novel ‘My Dark Prince’

Samuel rests his right hand on the
door and stares at it for a long moment before he summons up energy into his
hand, a red glow lining his skin. As he mutters a couple of words the lock on
the basement door clicks open. He eases the door open enough to slide past it
and inside the basement without another sound. The basement is mostly dark
except for a light into a second room. As he walks inside he notices it was, at
one time, an old gym.
Angelica is in the far corner with
a punching bag. She is wearing a black sports bra and a pair of white shorts
with matching white and black sneakers. Her hands are not in gloves but simply
wrapped in tape. There are a few cuts from unknown sources and her knuckles are
bleeding slightly from hitting the bag the wrong angle too many times. She
messed up her left shoulder somehow, so her right swing is much harder than her
left. She winces every time her left hand connects with the bag. After a moment
she does a full 360 spin kick and the weak old bag bust, spilling the sand in a
pile on the floor below it. She screams as the bag burst and punches a dent
into the drywall nearby before falling to her knees crying and resting her
forehead on the wall her eyes closed unaware anyone is around her.
Samuel stands in the shadows
watching her for a time, not wanting to startle her or cause her more harm by
losing her concentration. He watched the bag bust and the sand spill into the
pile of sand and dust on the floor. His eyes soften as he watches her through
her scream and collapse into tears. Quietly he approaches her his voice calm
and barely raising above a whisper as he speaks. “Angelica… What’s going on?
Why are you down here? What’s wrong?”
Angelica jumped at the sound of
someone and spins around in her seated position pressing her back against the
wall and then relaxes some seeing that it is only Samuel and sighs softly
shaking her head as her eyes drop to the ground. “I…He…it’s just…” She sighs
again letting her eyes close and her head fall backwards resting against the
wall. “I’m scared. I’m tired of running from him. I’m tired of having to have
other people save me.” She opened her eyes and looked sadly at Samuel. “I also
came down here because I can’t fall asleep down here, it’s too scary. The last
time I went to sleep he was there, in my dream.”

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