The Beach and twitter

It’s FRIDAY!!!! FINALLY! This has been one really long and not so pleasant week. But all that is behind us as we have officially hit THE WEEKEND!!! And with the beautiful weather and warmth I am so looking forward to hitting the beach. I could use the extra sea salt sunshine body makeover.

On another note I am so tired of facebook. I am ignored but I am thinking that is facebook not really my friends. I refuse to give facebook money and thus they hide me away from my friends. So forget facebook. Guess where you can find me…. come on guess… did you say twitter? Your right!!! Yup most my activity is from this point forward going to come from my twitter feed and I’m going to try really hard to get into a habit of this whole blog thing. But frankly don’t hold me to TOO much of a high standard cause I’ll probably fail you. But I love you anyway…

Ok so you should totally join me on twitter. 


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